Baldur’s Gate 3 is a wonderful sport. The PC model of Larian Studios’ D&D epic will simply be a frontrunner in sport of the 12 months discussions come December, and the PlayStation 5 model is a comparable expertise, not less than for those who don’t have a beefy sufficient PC to run the sport effectively. That stated, it undoubtedly has extra technical troubles than the PC model, though most of what I’ve come throughout hasn’t been game-breaking.

The most important tradition shock between PC and PS5 is taking part in with controller, which makes use of the identical management scheme because the one you should use on PC now. Having put over 100 hours into the sport on PC with mouse and keyboard, I do discover the DualSense is hurting for buttons in a sport with this many actions to make use of and menus to scroll via, however the extra time I spend taking part in Baldur’s Gate 3 with a controller, the faster my thoughts instinctively relearns how you can pull off my favourite spells, entry totally different options, and navigate Faerûn from the consolation of my sofa. Baldur’s Gate 3 nonetheless feels best when you possibly can simply level and click on on the enemy you need to blow away along with your Eldritch Blast, however Larian has performed the perfect it might with the technique of enter it’s been given.

Fight and motion are serviceable, however I’ve had way more bother with minute duties like inspecting small objects in a cluttered setting. In one of many early sidequests in Baldur’s Gate 3’s first act, my get together of Thoughts Flayer tadpole-infected weirdos was wanting via a hag’s lair and needed to discover a particular wand within the villain’s belongings. Combing via a desk coated in trinkets is far simpler when you possibly can simply click on on them, however whereas utilizing a controller, it took a number of extra button presses to simply seize an merchandise off the desk. Urgent on the d-pad lets me concentrate on objects in my environment and scroll via them like another menu, but it surely undoubtedly appears like an lodging for not having a mouse to simply click on on issues. Fortunately, there’s a cursor mode that permits you to emulate having a mouse, but it surely’s not fairly as exact or snappy. I undoubtedly suppose anybody who’s taking part in Baldur’s Gate 3 for the primary time on console will probably be more than pleased with these instruments; I simply catch myself experiencing momentary frustration with the adjustment infrequently.

Shep is showing preparing to cast a spell on a Steel Watcher.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Whereas taking part in with a controller has been an adjustment, I’ve seen some common technical points on PlayStation 5 that haven’t been game-breaking, however have on the very least represented a noticeable dip in efficiency and constancy in comparison with the sport’s PC counterpart. Every concern has been small by itself phrases, however over time they’ve compounded to have a noticeable affect. There are some graphical troubles like texture pop-in, and parts like sure characters’ faces are simply introduced at a decreased stage of element. I’ve particularly seen this throughout some sidequests, by which even characters you get some prolonged face time with simply don’t look as nice as they do on PC. In that very same quest with the hag, I saved a woman named Mayrina from the witch’s clutches, and had some prolonged conversations together with her by which it was clear the element on her face and hair had been scaled again a bit for PlayStation 5. These sorts of lodging are fairly normal, and in return, Baldur’s Gate 3 runs at a fairly stable 60fps in its efficiency mode, although if you’d like one thing with a little bit bit extra constancy on the expense of framerate, that choice exists as effectively.

The extra questionable points have been much less about common technical efficiency and extra a few increased frequency of bugs than I skilled when taking part in Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC. The primary was unusual sound mixing within the ultimate act. I loaded a save to play via Baldur’s Gate 3’s endgame and through a few of the huge climactic moments, the music was muted, and the sound results of spells casting and swords swinging had been delayed or nonexistent. It wasn’t a daily prevalence, but it surely was drastic sufficient that your entire vibe of the part was off.

Sound mixing is a bizarre technical flub, but it surely doesn’t derail the Baldur’s Gate 3 expertise on PlayStation 5. The strangest, sadly regularly-occurring glitch I bumped into was in selecting dialogue. As I jumped round saves all through my Baldur’s Gate 3 run, I bumped into a couple of moments the place the dialogue choices had been damaged in a approach I couldn’t overcome with a cube roll. A number of occasions I might be participating in a dialog (fortunately nothing that would devolve into hostility) and as a substitute of giving me a number of choices to select a response, I’d be met with just one choice: “1. Proceed.” Selecting this apparently counts for a dialogue choice that ought to be displaying up, however is hidden by a bug. Each occasion this has occurred to me has been a minor interplay and if I reloaded a save it could (typically) repair the problem, but when it persists into life-changing choices or relationship-altering moments, this might essentially undermine the Baldur’s Gate 3 expertise. I spoke with some of us who apparently encountered this glitch sparingly on PC, however I by no means noticed it myself, then skilled it a handful of occasions in speedy succession in only a few hours of taking part in on PlayStation 5.

Shep, Shadowheart, and Gale are shown standing in a cave system with a bugged dialogue choice that only allows the player to choose "Continue."

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Whether or not or not you expertise online game bugs, particularly in a sport with as many programs as Baldur’s Gate 3, is commonly about luck. I had a comparatively painless expertise taking part in Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC, and but Larian was in a position to deploy a patch that fastened over 1000 bugs, the vast majority of which I’d by no means seen. I can’t say for certain if working into these points on PS5 is only a poor cube roll on my half or speaks to some bugs being extra distinguished on this console port, however I’ve not less than instructed Larian Studios about this particular concern, as a result of its prevalence in my PS5 playtime might be the most important caveat as as to if or not I’d advocate taking part in Baldur’s Gate 3 on the system.

All that being stated, it’s a aid to lastly be capable of play Baldur’s Gate 3 from my sofa. I’m nonetheless chipping away at my second playthrough, and with the ability to sit again and loosen up a bit as I work my approach via all of the quests and tales I missed the primary time round is an actual deal with. However greater than that, I’m wanting ahead to extra folks attending to expertise this sport. Its rougher edges on PlayStation 5 are probably on the forefront of my thoughts as a result of I’ve spent a lot time taking part in on my first rate PC, however for those who had been nervous the console model was going to be a subpar expertise, you gained’t discover that right here.


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